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Automating Entry Monitoring for an Indian Supply Chain Company With a Facial Recognition Solution

Our client is a leading supply chain solutions company in India. They needed to track the entry of numerous employees and visitors at their manufacturing facility daily. 

KamerAI’s AI-powered camera solution helped achieve this — it not only helped automate employee attendance registration but also flagged unknown visitors.

The challenge

Our client operates a large warehouse where 500+ employees and casual labourers come in daily. This number could vary, for instance, more labour would be needed on a day when warehousing demand was high. 

  • Their existing manual system of registering attendance was tedious. 
  • A turnstile or biometrics-based attendance system would not enable a touchless environment.
  • Manual security methods to monitor the entry of strangers were inefficient.
  • Onboarding a new worker also took a lot of time.

KamerAI’s approach

A computer vision-based solution that fully automates attendance and entry tracking..

Setting up hardware: We helped the client install high quality surveillance cameras and connected them to a user interface (UI) that was accessed by the human resources department.

Our solution could integrate into the client’s existing CCTV system, if it was of sufficient quality to capture images, which reduces hardware requirement. With just one day for installation and two weeks for staff training, our client was equipped with a new fully-automatic solution. 

Use case: As a worker walks in, the camera identifies their faces and matches it with the database in real time. If any face is unrecognized, HR staff can log in to the software and tag them with the relevant ID. The next time the system would automatically detect them, making onboarding new workers hassle-free.

Further automation: To make the process even simpler, KamerAI introduced a mobile app that collected the data of new visitors in real time. It then automatically associated the face with the data, reducing manual work for the HR staff.


KamerAI automated entry tracking through facial recognition with an accuracy rate of more than 98%.

  • The client had better security while reducing the number of staff required to monitor entry.
  • They also used the data generated to measure other metrics like productivity, employee composition etc. through KamerAI’s reports feature.

Future outlook

We are now working on an alerting mechanism for the user to tell them if they have been identified or not. This can then be integrated into an automated turnstile system to admit entry, thereby giving the client access control. We are also building strategic partnerships to reduce computation costs for the client..