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KamerAI Products

The last decade was all about digitization. If you’re here, you probably are well ahead in your digital transformation journey. Your next step is autonomous devices and end-to-end automation

Autonomous anything is incomplete without visual analytics.

Here’s what intelligent, computer-vision based analytics can do!

All-time Solutions

Make sense of your visual data to make more effective decisions, with KamerAI.

Time keeping

Automate timekeeping with KamerAI’s advanced facial recognition technology. No more hassles of biometric scanning, access cards or tailgating.

Barcode scanning

With KamerAI’s artificial neural network technology, extract and analyze barcodes from visual data captured via CCTV or IP cameras.

Object dimensioning

Automatically capture accurate dimensions of parcels, wherever they are, with KamerAI.

Optical code recognition

Use KamerAI to automatically detect alphabets, numbers, shapes and code from visual data.

Hard hat detection

Ensure employee safety and compliance with KamerAI’s hard hat detector that uses your CCTV data.


Monitor the alignment of heavy machinery, parts, product stacks etc. with KamerAI’s keen eye.

Unattended object identification

Use KamerAI to be alerted when someone leaves an unattended object.

Perimeter security

Use the real-time visual data from your CCTV to be notified when there is a perimeter security breach.

Let Us Explore Possibilities

Don’t see what you need? The above is the list of ways in which we can use computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to create business value. 

If you imagine a possibility that we haven’t considered so far, we’re excited by the challenge.

Speak to a consultant today to explore how we can make KamerAI look beyond the obvious!