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Cameras are everywhere, but are they really adding value?

Three years ago, this question bugged Prasanna and Adhi. Thus, KamerAI was born.

In the 21st century, cameras are omnipresent. In addition to one — or two — that we all carry in our pockets, there are CCTV cameras in most public spaces, private establishments, even outside homes. Across the supply chain, enterprises are capturing tons of visual data. 

Yet, enterprises have used these visuals either for post-mortem analysis or have kept human eyes glued to monitors. In 2020, that’s not enough.

Today, we have the technology to see, perceive, make reliable sense of visual data. Not just that, today’s artificial intelligence can even predict beyond what a human can, to inspire timely action. Today, we have KamerAI.

KamerAI is a real-time Computer Vision-based Automation platform for Enterprises

Artificial Intelligence + Artificial Neural Networks + Deep Learning

Team KamerAI

We dream of empowering the world of autonomous things. Well, autonomy begins at home. KamerAI is a team of inspired individuals, highly qualified and motivated to create change with technology. 

At the heart of KamerAI is a culture of research, experimentation and the aspiration to build the technology of the future.

In the last two decades since his qualification as a Chartered Accountant, Prasanna has successfully chartered multiple large technology projects in his career. His last employment was at Infosys as the Associate Vice President managing customers across the Americas in retail, CPG and logistics.

Prasanna Ramaswamy


A technologist by background and by practice, Adhi brings a potpourri of experience lasting 20+ years across product engineering, sales and IT services. His last employment was as Senior Director – Strategic Accounts at Infosys, managing Customer Relationships for Retail clients in the west coast of the US.

Adhi Sivathanu


An engineer by training, Pradeep combines 20 years of IT experience, helping customers — including Fortune 500 conglomerates — in key technology initiatives. He’s an expert in retail, energy and banking domains. He has been instrumental in building multiple high performing teams fully embracing agile as the core of the organization.
At KamerAI, he leads delivery and operations.

Pradeep Jeyaraj

Managing Director